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Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE 13.0.22 Uploaded


Staff member
I've uploaded 13.0.22 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 13.0.22

Enabled wildcard matching in the popup windows edit control.

BEEP - If you changed the default error beep to a system sound, BEEP will now use that sound if you don't specify a frequency and duration.

UNSET - Fixed a problem with unsetting registry variables.

Build 13.0.21

TCMD - Fixed a (very rare) problem with a delay in shutting down TCMD and/or TCC tabs.

TCMD - Fixed a (rare) problem with the Find edit field on the toolbar crashing when badly-behaved third-party apps try to hook it and/or the MessageBox API.

UNTAR - Fixed a problem with wildcards in the tar name (only uncompressing the first .tar file).

UNZIP - Fixed a problem with wildcards in the zip name (only unzipping the first .zip file).

Help file updates.

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