News Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE Version 13.0 Released

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May 14, 2008
Version 13.0 of Take Command, Take Command/LE, and TCC/LE has been released and is available on our web and ftp sites.

Version 13 includes over 400 new features, includinggg:

* Take Command and TCC are faster.

* Take Command now supports installation and registration on removable (for example, USB) drives.

* TCC has a new command VIEW that replaces the old LIST with the most advanced text and binary file viewer available for Windows.

* Most of the internal file or directory-handling commands have a dialog that allows you to set your options (ranges, attributes, switches, source, and target filenames) in a command dialog instead of having to remember the syntax (and order) on the command line.

* The popup windows (history lists, filename completion, @select, etc) have an edit control on the toolbar. Entering a search string there (or just typing while the popup window has focus) will eliminate non-matching entries from the window.

See the complete "What's New" list in the online help or on our web site at:
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