Take Command v12 12.0.42 uploaded

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May 14, 2008
I've uploaded 12.0.42 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 42
TCMD - Added a workaround for an erratic Windows XP bug when starting TCMD with the /T option.

Build 41
TCMD - Added a workaround for a Windows bug that could on rare occasions hang TCMD while it was waiting for a message from a TCC tab window.

TCMD - Improved the performance of the TCMD <--> TCC interprocess communications.

COPY - now returns a usage error if no valid target name immediately follows a "to:".

Build 40
Fixed an erratic problem with triple-clicking a line and then right-clicking
for the context menu.

PROCESSMONITOR - Fixed a crash with /C and no arguments.

Build 39

Added a new workaround for an erratic old Windows bug which displays popup windows behind the current window.

Fixed a (rare) problem with regular expression comparisons.

Build 38
CD - Fixed a problem with changing directories on SFTP sites.

PROCESSMONITOR - Fixed a problem when putting (unnecessary) quotes around the process name.
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