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Take Command x64 15.01.55 Error: Update installation failed

TCC 15.01.54 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
TCC Build 54 Windows 7 Build 7601 Service Pack 1

Running the Updater from the TC 15.01 "Help" "Check for Updates" menu item appears to proceed normally but finishes with the following error message and with the version unchanged.
Take Command x64 15.01.55  Error: Update installation failed
If you repeat this process (I am easily amused ;)) Setup offers you three options (1) Add or Remove Features, (2) Repair, or (3) Remove. If you chose option 2 the setup appears to proceed normally but the Updater reports the same error on completion and the version is not changed. I assume that you can repeat this process ad infinitum but I got tired after three or four attempts! ;)
I did not yet try to update my TCMD 64, but the installer version reported by @VERINFO is 15.01.54, while the .aiu file reports 15.01.55. It is posible that this discrepancy stops the updater ...
Can you generate a Windows Installer log file and send it to [email protected]? Run the installer from the command line like this (you can download it from the web site):

tcmdx64.exe /l*v installer.log

Done "installer.log" emailed. After the apparently successful installation, an attempt to run tcmd from my usual shortcut produced the following System Error. ;)
tcmd.exe - System Error
The program can't start because ipworks9.dll is missing from
your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
FWIW I reran the downloaded tcmdx64.exe by starting it from Explorer and chose the Repair option. There was NO error message and tcmd now appears to start successfully from the shortcut. o_O
TCC  15.01.55 x64  Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright 2013 JP Software Inc.  All Rights Reserved
I hope that this installation procedure is not required for future updates! :)

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