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I am trying to use TakeCmd.lib with PureBasic.

It was last century when I used libraries between C and Basic (DOS)

At that time, I had no problem creating a library file with Microsoft QuickC code, and use that library from QuickBasic.

After testing the TakeCmd.lib with PureBasic, it would appear that TakeCmd.lib can only work from a plugin .DLL, but not from an .EXE

I have no problems calling functions from TakeCmd.lib from a plugin developed with PureBasic, so all is well in that regard.

I'm thinking that is WAD, and it make sense, that TakeCmd.lib can only work from a plugin .DLL

I just want to verify if I am correct.

I think I asked that question ages ago and that the answer was yes. I believe TakeCmd.dll needs to be initialized in a way that only tcmd.exe and tcc.exe know how to do.
TakeCmd.lib is a stub library which allows you to link to TakeCmd.dll. It is not a static library; you must have TakeCmd.dll in your directory.

If you're trying to load TakeCmd.dll w/o TCMD or TCC that won't work; they both do some required initialization for TakeCmd.dll's internal variables and structures.