"TakeCommand has stopped working"


Jul 13, 2009
TC 20.11
Win10 x64 Home

This has happened several times over the last two weeks, generally while TC is minimized.
When it restarts, it forgets what theme was selected, as well as some other options.
I generally have two tabs, each with an instance of Powershell.

Any ideas on what causes this? Is there a log somewhere that provide and clues?


Staff member
May 14, 2008
If the fault is in TCMD, there will be an exception log (tcmd.exception.log) file that will be either in the installation directory or the same directory as TCMD.INI (usually "c:\programdata\jp software\take command 20").

If the fault is in a third-party module that is being injected into TCMD (more likely given the message), then there probably won't be any log file. Your best approach then is to use something like Process Explorer to see who's injecting code, and try disabling them.
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