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TakeCommand's usage tips?

My plugins export a "Usage" function and I wanted to test it. But I can't remember how/when/where TakeCommand displays usage tips. Would someone please refresh my memory?
Type a command and hit Space. The usage info should appear on the status bar.
Thanks! I tried everything but type a space. Doh!

There's still another question related to plugin help and TakeCommand.

Briefly, does TakeCommand handle alternate console screen buffers better than it did a decade or so ago?

I ask because my plugins handle F1 help differently in TCC and TCMD. In TCC I present the F1 help in an alternate screen buffer, pause, and switch back to the original screen buffer. In TCMD I was saving the console screen buffer, emptying it, writing the help, pausing, and and re-writing the saved text. But now the alternate buffer method also works in TCMD. That makes me think the alternate buffer didn't work once upon a time. [Or maybe I was misguided from the beginning.]
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