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Done TASKDIALOG suggestions

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
/AF     additional details go in the footer, not above the buttons; useful only with /A
/AX     additional details is expanded by default; useful only with /A
/DB:n   default button; OK, YES, NO, CANCEL, etc.; or 1 - 10 for custom buttons
/DR:n   default radio button, 0 - 10; useful only with /R
/HH     like /H, but link targets must begin with a recognized protocol
/T:n    timeout, in seconds

/DR: If the value is 0, then none of the defined radio buttons is set at startup.

/HH: Check the link target before launching it. Targets beginning with http://, https://, or mailto: are launched as usual. Targets beginning with www. (sans protocol) get an https:// prepended automatically. Anything else will be ignored.
Windows doesn't allow that.
Set the TDF_NO_DEFAULT_RADIO_BUTTON flag in dwFlags.

OK, but why? I don't see how this would be useful.
Call me paranoid. /H allows you to launch anything anything anything. Documents, calc.exe, cmd.exe, batch files.... That's actually a powerful feature, but also a great way to shoot yourself in the foot. Some of us (me) need stupid insurance.

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