TC 13 - Prompt

Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
On 2011/08/29 I received an email from the Feedback forum (UserVoice) stating that my suggestion "~ path replacement in PROMPT" was complete. I'm running the latest beta (13.00.15 RC1) and see no reference to this in the What's New or the PROMPT documentation.

Has this been implemented?

Full text of the request followed by an additional comment added the same day as the original request since I couldn't edit the original submission.

~ path replacement in PROMPT
If HOME is defined as a variable (as is used by 'cd ~'), replace any path that begins with the
HOME definition by ~ followed by whatever subdirectory. For instance, if HOME is defined
'C:\Dir1\Dir2\' and I'm working in 'C:\Dir1\Dir2\Dir3\' then the prompt would display '[~\Dir3]'. A
suggestion for a PROMPT switch could be '$~' with which I could replace '$p' in the default
'PROMPT=[$p]'. I guess this follows on the lines of the 'DIR relative path display' suggested by
Jim Cook.
Allow the use of ~ in commands other than just CD ~
copy file.txt ~
dir ~\subdir
set path=~;%path
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
Only the part about about using ~ in places other than CD.
Awesome! I think that was the better half of the request. Still looking forward to seeing the PROMPT modification in the future, but can work around it until then since I discovered the $W prompt switch.

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