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TC 13 / Using TCDIALOG to exit commands

  • Thread starter Thread starter ron
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On Tue, 30 Aug 2011 23:11:17 -0400, rconn <> wrote:

|> When you click on OK, the actual command executed is not echoed to
|> the console.
|---End Quote---
|Why do you want it echoed when you just saw it in the Command Line field?

I think we've been here before. Isn't the answer obvious? ... so the command
appears in the console just like commands that are fully typed.

That said ... is the OP aware of the fact that the command constructed by the
dialog **is** placed in the history and can be recalled easily? Too bad the
command containing the "/=" also stays in the history.
I was not aware that the constructed command was in the history. That's sufficient for me.

I was just 'expecting' to see the constructed command on the command line. When I didn't, I thought it had not been executed.
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