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TC 20 Beta

Before I download and try, any word on whether it will install for "current user"? I've been wanting to upgrade from 17 to both 18 and 19 and now 20, but if I can't install it as "current user" (at work where I would use it), then I can't justify the purchase.

I already have an answer waiting in case you tell me that 16, 17, 18, and 19 already allow that.
I'm not sure I understand what you're after -- the installer doesn't distinguish between current user & all users. Are you referring to the elevated (admin) requirement (only necessary if you want to install Everything Search as a service), or something else?
You get a UAC prompt right at the beginning of an install. Can you say no and get an install anyway? Isn't elevation also needed to make firewall rules?
Here's where my spoiler from above comes in. When trying to install as myself (without admin rights) the installer performs the complete installation and then at the end tries to write something into an All Users area and fails with a privileges error and then rolls back the entire installation. I can run an install and post the install log if that helps.
Ran the installation with 20. Same thing. I have screen captures of all dialog boxes prior to clicking Next/Install/Ok/Finish and the install log file. Where do you want to email them? [email protected]?

Edit: Sent to above email address at 11:20 CDT.
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