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TCC 14.0 disappears from RDP session


I use TCC on a remote machine, and sometimes when I disconnect my RDP session (without logging off, as I want to maintain my desktop) then reconnect later my TCC windows are gone. I believe they are still alive in the background, as processes I started under them are still running. I searched the forums but might not have use the right keywords.

My local machine is Windows 7 and the one that I RDP to is windows 8.1. Previously I RDP'd to a Windows 7 system without encountering this, but that system got rebuilt.

Thanks in advance!
I have this sometimes happening (albeit RDP is not involved).
You can try and open a new TCC session, then attach the still alive TC consoles (ribbon / Tabs / 2nd zone / Attach tab, or right-click on the title-tab of the current window); if you are lucky, the consoles show up in the list.
If you are unlucky, the consoles don't show up, because they have somehow "lost" their windows (this manifests with SysInternal's Process Explorer: right-click on a process, the "Window" menu-item may be solid (the process has an (accessible) window), or grayed-out (the process has "lost" its windows, maybe because TCC (or another process) grabbed it).
I also RDP several hours a day, and in two directions. I have never seen what the OP described.

But there is an odd phenomenon that's pretty reproducible. If I RDP from work to home, that leave work wothout ending the RDP session, leaving a TCC running on the home computer, then, when I get home, if I start typing in that TCC, I'm typing in Greek ... ditto for other newly-started apps. The only cure is a logoff/logon.

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