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TCC 17 Beta - current functionality?

I've just installed TCC 17.00.36 x64 Win8.1, and much of the basic functionality seems to be missing. Since this is a Beta, I expect some of that, but I was surprised that the command-line FTP syntax appears not to work (it was working with FTP.CFG in TCC 16 yesterday). Also, even DIR /w doesn't display wide format. Nor do DIR /2, /4, etc. change the command's output.

Is this expected at this stage of the Beta? If not, any suggestions? I couldn't find an overview doc on the Beta itself, so perhaps I'm missing something fundamental here . . .


Everything should be functional; if something isn't working for you please submit a bug report.

DIR /W, /2, and /4 are all working here. Note that they may be disabled (in all versions, not just v17) if you have a filename in the directory that exceeds the column width.) If you have an example, please post the details.

FTP is also working here; if you have a specific example of it failing, please post the details.
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The DIR /W, /2, /4 had me fooled because of the extremely long regid filename. So no problem there (sorry for the false alarm).

As for FTP, with 16.03.55 running alongside 17.00.38, dir ftp://<alias> works with 16, but 17 just times out. I'm using the same FTP.CFG file in both TCMD folders.

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FYI, the FTP.CFG file contains this (obfuscated):

ftp://ftp.acobb.com (acobb) u35xxx082 xxxxxxxx
ftp://ftp.bteeple.com (icon) u68xxx782 xxxxxxxx
ftp://ftp.kruufm.com (kruu) upxxxd xxxxxxxx

And the DIR command I'm using shows this:

[C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD17x64]dir ftp://icon
TCC: Timeout. "ftp://icon"
[C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD17x64]


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