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TCC 29 has its own keyboard buffer?

I see this behavior that is different from version 28.
For example, I create a test directory and inside it I create many sub-directories.
Now, I enter the test directory and do "RD /S a b c d e f" and so on.
I know there is the /Q parameter, this is just to show what happens.
The prompt asks if I want to remove a directory "a".
I press and keep pressed the "Y" key.
With version 28 it removes directories and then I see "YYYYYYYYYYYY" and can escape to clear it.
Instead, with version 29 when it has finished it goes back to a clean prompt.
But the "YYYYYYYYYYYY" keys are inside a buffer in TCC.
I create another directory, for example z, and then I type "RD /S z".
It appears a "Y" even if I did non type it.
So, it seems to me that TCC is storing the unused "Y" in its own buffer.
And it reads them from there for later prompts.
Is this WAD?
Or is it possible to go back to the previous behavior?
Thank You and regards
Rodolfo Giovanninetti
I get the same behavior from v28 and v29, the first behavior described by @Rodolfo. I tried about 5 times with each version.

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