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TCC Crashes...

I have a long, complex, command line that looks like this:

@For /D %Artist in (E:\Multi-media\Music\Consolidated\*) Do (Echo %Artist & For /D %Album in ("%Artist\*") Do (Echo %@Name[%Album] & For /O:u %Song in ("%Album\*.m*;*.wma") Do (Echo %@Name[%Song])))

The result of entering this line and hitting the "Enter" key is a TCC crash. (Screen shot in attached .png file.)
The crash does not happen if I remove the sort option ("/O:u"), but that doesn't give me the output I want - the songs in each directory listed in alphabetical order by name. (I know that "u" means unsorted but I am hoping that the fire names are sorted in the directory; removing the sort option yields all of the mp3 files followed by all of the wma files rather than interleaving them as I want. And if the names in the actual directory are in a random order I consider that to be better than showing all of the .mp3 files followed by all of the .wma files as is done now.)

I would attach the log file(s) but there doesn't seem to be any. The installation directory does not contain any ; nor does the c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\jpsoft directory. (Actually it contains two log files - TCC.log and tcmd.log, both virtually empty (2 bytes) and both dated the 11th of June of last year.)


  • TCC Crash.png
    TCC Crash.png
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If you don't have a tcc.exception.log file (with the crash info), then the crash didn't happen in TCC code. That means either a plugin, a third-party dll that was injected into TCC.EXE, or a Windows dll crashed.

You should also update to a more current version -- there was a fix in 19.10.44 for a possibly-related problem with /O:...
That means that I'm basically out of luck trying to use the command as shown; fortunately I've found a work around which works fine and isn't too hard to do. Thank you, Rex. And I've updated to the current version.

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