Fixed TCC.EXE 13.03.47 won't run

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
Downloaded the tcmd.exe installer from the FTP site, as I have done with all previous builds. Ran it to install build 47 to the same directory which had B46. When I attempted to start TCC.EXE B47 using the same shortcut as for all prior builds, a console window flashed momentarily on the screen, than closed immediately. GPF below. When I restored B46 into the same directory, it ran fine. Same result in two systems, WinXP SP3, one home edition, other Pro. BTW, on Pro B47 was installed into an empty directory, with no PLUGINS subdirectory.

TCC 13.03.47
EAX=00000000 EBX=7C809AA9 ECX=01576118 EDX=7C90E514
ESI=7C810C2E EDI=7C80BB04 EBP=01586BD8 ESP=01576998
CS=0000001B DS=00000023 ES=00000023 SS=00000023

1 : TakeCmd.dll 00000001:00002000
2 : TakeCmd.dll 00000001:00001c1d
3 : TakeCmd.dll 00000001:00090951
4 : TakeCmd.dll 00000001:00090156
5 : TakeCmd.dll 00000001:0008fe0e

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