TCC/LE 12.11 build 72 link wrong

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Jul 30, 2011

Since, there's no way to contact the authors, I though I'd post the issue here.
The link on the download page for TCC/LE v 12.11.72 gets build 71 (instead of 72). Someone needs to put the correct file there.

If someone can take this to the author, that'd be awsome!

thanx and bye!
Jul 30, 2011
There isn't any build 72 for TCC/LE, because there aren't any changes in

Rex Conn
JP Software
Then why does the download page say "TCC/LE 12.11 build 72"???
If there's no build 72, then there's a typo in there.


EDIT: Wait, now the installer is for build 72. Didn't you just say there is no build 72??? If so, how come now the installer is for build 72???