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News TCC/LE 13.06 Released

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I've uploaded TCC/LE 13.06.74 to the web site.

13.06.74 New installer version
13.06.74 IF - added additional check for IF behavior in command groups to match CMD bug (if "Duplicate CMD bugs" is enabled).

13.05.69 Added support for running batch files compressed with the new Take Command/TCC format.

13.05.68 Fixed a problem with embedded []'s in filenames.

13.05.67 DESCRIBE - Fixed a problem when deleting NTFS descriptions.
13.05.67 SELECT - Fixed a problem when selecting multiple files, unselecting them all, and then pressing ENTER on a single file.

13.05.65 ON ERROR - now disables ON ERROR handling when in an ON ERROR handler (to prevent looping when the user creates a bad ON ERROR handler).
13.05.65 @FILESEEK - Fixed a problem when seeking in Unicode files with BOM's.
13.05.65 @SELECT - Fixed a problem when searching for matching lines on subsequent calls to @SELECT.
13.05.65 FFIND - Fixed a problem with /E and $ (EOL).
13.05.65 DO - Fix for multiple prompts with ^C in embedded DO's, with no ON BREAK.
13.05.65 FOR - Now checks for (and removes) incompatible options with the awful CMD.EXE-compatible %~... syntax.
13.05.65 ON - Fixed a sporadic problem with some of the ON options not always being cleared when a batch file exits.
Not open for further replies.