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How to? TCC/LE: How do you add "edit-mode=insert" to ini file?

I have a shortcut with this target:

C:\applications\utilities\TCCLE10\tcc.exe /@R:\jeffy\application_settings\tcc_le\tcmd.ini

My goal is to set edit mode to start in insert mode. The INI file is currently empty. I don't understand how to add "SETDOS /M1" (or its equivalent) into this INI file.

How do you do this? I've been reading through the documentation, and while I see stuff on "SETDOS", "Ins", and "Edit Mode", I don't understand which of these, if any, apply to the INI file. I've tried these values (which is the *only* text in the INI file):

Ins = Yes
--> Invalid key substitution for "Ins"
--> No error message, and mode is still overstrike
Ins = 1
--> No error message, and mode is still overstrike
--> Invalid item name "SETDOS"
--> Invalid item name "SETDOS"

Most importantly, how do I discover this kind of thing in the documentation? The universe of available variables, and their possible values?

Thank you.
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You don't actually need to edit the .INI file. Type OPTION to open the configuration dialog, then select the 'Command Line' tab. At the top of the right-hand side, you'll find radio buttons to set the default editing mode.

(To answer the question you asked: SETDOS is a command, not an .INI directive. You would open the .INI file in a text editor, look for the section beginning with [4NT], then look for the EditMode= directive. If there is one, change it to EditMode=Insert. If there is no EditMode= directive, just create it under [4NT] somewhere.)
That worked. Thank you. (It actually worked with or without the "[4NT]" header. I'm doing this in a completely new/empty file.)

I could not find "EditMode" in the documentation under directives or via a search. I did find "_EDITMODE". Is there a complete listing of all available INI directives, and their possible values?
Not anymore; you're supposed to be using the config dialog. (Too easy for users to screw up the .INI file and then blame the software.)
> how do I discover this kind of thing in the documentation? The universe of available variables, and their possible values?

4NT has one of the most extensive help files I've ever seen, but to be sure as the thing expands, it can become difficult to find what you're looking for. The 'favorites' tab of the CHM file can be your friend here. I'd suggest:

Expand the table of contents until you locate the topic Variables.
Expand Variables and locate Variables by Category. Open that topic.
Click the Favorites tab in the help file.
In the Topics pane, right-click, and select Add from the context menu. This puts the Variables by Category topic into the list.
Start over and go to Functions (in the table of contents), then open Functions by Category. Add that one to the list of favorites.
Switch to the Search tab and type ini file into the search field.
Do the search. In the results-list, find an options- or INI-file-related topic to bookmark.
Open that topic. Switch to the Favorites tab, right-click, add it to the favorites-list.
And so forth.

I'm constantly in and out of those "by category" topics. Using the Favorites feature in the help file is one way to get to them quickly.
> What config dialog? I'm using TCC/LE

As Charles said: "option," then <enter>.

And help option, typed at the command line, should provide some additional info. (I assume that works in TCC/LE.)
I don't believe it. I've been using TCC/LE for like five years and never knew that.

Thanks to you both.
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That dialog is handy enough that I give it its own keystroke:
alias @@ctrl-f12=option

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