TCC - Problem

Sep 22, 2008

when i try to scan for filenames in the current directory using the F7-Key TCC v19/v18/v17 always crashes,
if there exists more then one file or directory.

C:\<F7> -> TCC->Crash



Staff member
May 14, 2008
Not reproducible here (on 6 systems), nor reported by anybody else -- so I suspect it's an oddity with your file system / directory structure. Do you have the same problem in all directories? Are you running any non-standard file system drivers?

Do a "dir > files.dat" in that directory and send the file to [email protected].

If it is a crash within TCC, you will have a file "c:\ProgramData\JP Software\\Take Command x64 19.0\TCC.exception.log". Email that file to [email protected]. If you have a crash and you *don't* have that file, then it's crashing in third-party code (probably a dll injected into TCC by another process). The only way to track that down is to selectively disable things like your antivirus, screen manager, network drivers, etc. until you isolate the problem code.