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TCC prompt background color

(TCMD21 64-bit on WIndows 10)
I am having problems once again figuring out how to have my custom background color in a TCC prompt stay in effect. I change it to dark blue and the entire window gets that color--until a command causes the window to scroll, and then any space past the right of displayed text has a black color again. I saw this in older versions of TCMD but do not remember if I fixed it or if a later release fixed it.
One way to fill the entire buffer is via CLS /C:
cls /c bright white on blue

You can put something like this in your TCSTART.BTM file and it will be performed every time you start TCC. (Edit: After checking for transient shells and pipes!)
You want the same background color al the time, right? Then set it in two places ... (1) in the console's properties (Alt-Space,P) and (2) in TCC's Option dialog (Windows tab).
Vefatica nailed it. I used to have that problem and it drove me crazy until I decided to try changing the color in both "places," as he suggested. Solved.
Well, I did not have to change anything, because this is mysteriously working for me now. Weird. Maybe a machine reboot solved something. Anyway, thanks for the response. I will bookmark this for later reference if this comes up again.

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