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TCC Prompt Here Colors

I seem to have shot myself in the foot... again.
I had decided to try using TCC.exe with a bright white background, versus the black I had been using since NDos days. After using it (and adjusting all my other color settings) for a few days I decided that I still preferred my original scheme. I set everything back and when launching tcc.exe from any shortcut the colors work as I want. However, when I use the 'TCC Prompt Here' the cosole opens with the black background, but the prompt has a bright white background. The cls command turns the entire console to a bright white background. When I check the console 'Defaults' the colors are correct, but the console 'Properties' are not. Anyone know where I fix this mess I've made for myself ? (I already did an uninstall/reinstall).

TCMD ver 10.00.64 / Win XP sp3 /ATI Radeon HD 4850

Mr. Jiggs
[FOX] Ultimate Translator