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[TCC-RT] Console-less script runner

The idea sparkled after recalling the php-win.exe existence.

The basic idea is this:
1. Same basic functionality as existing tcc.exe. This means same program switches accepted (only relevant ones recognized, as it is for RT's tcc.exe, but all accepted)
2. No STDIN (obviously). This means the descriptor is closed and any attempts of the script to read from it should fail immediately.
3. STDOUT is discarded (there's no console, nowhere to display it).
4. STDERR is captured.
5. If anything is captured from STDERR, a MessageBox with captured content is shown when script finished or certain buffer length (~250 chars) is exceeded.

The application area is various utility scripts you may be running, perhaps from hotkeys, that would otherwise flash console windows or require wrapping into .lnk with "run minimized" setting.
If you have EDITBIN.EXE (Visual Stidio) you can make your own ... just change TCC.EXE (or a copy) from subsystem console to subsystem windows.

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