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TCC-RT with TCMD installed

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Does installing TCC-RT on a machine that already contains TCMD (same release) pose any potential problems/concerns? Or is TCC-RT pretty much stand-alone (binaries/config/registry) and can be used as such to emulate running my btm on another machine that would only have TCC-RT.
maybe not a conflict but an interaction - TCC-RT honors tcstart and tcexit if they exist. So, looking into a way to prevent that to emulate how my batch files will run on a system with ONLY TCC-RT.

So, TCC-RT only "runs" batch files, there's no interactive console? That makes sense, just wanted to clarify given the illustration on this web page - https://jpsoft.com/products/tcc-rt-runtime.html
Take a look at the /I option in TCC Startup options.

For me, I have TCC-RT start with the /I /Q /C options;
"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCC_RT_22\tcc.exe" /I /Q /C

Thanks for the tip. I had to end up manually creating a .ini file in the RT ProgramData folder in order for sendmail to work. Didn't want to bother updating all the instances in the batch file.

Had an old .ini in appdata\local and that's the one it found after I first installed RT. Got rid of that one.

In the end, it's nice that I can now run this batch file anywhere.
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