TCC/TCMD instance expansion - TCC/TCMD info functions


Jul 6, 2008
Add the detection and reporting of all TCC/TCMD instances to _tccinstances & _tcmdinstances. Granted these do not work in pre-V21; however, there should be an internal way to report all instances no matter the version.

I currently use a home grown method, but having this internal would be better and cleaner.

Additionally, reporting the instance as a tab or stand-alone from any TCC instance is another option that would make things easier. Something like; @tc...instance[???,??,?] -- tab or console,how many of each, versions, pids, titles, ..... and[??,??,?] reporting what and how many tabs are running with other associated information like versions, PID's, titles, ...... in any instance of TCC/TCMD. This info function should be executable from other TCC/TCMD instances. These would probably require multiple variables and/or functions with several options. How this would be implemented needs more thought and constructive discussion. One way these could be used is in a batch file to select the "activation" of a particular instance.

Just in case this matters. I do different things in several of my batch files, including tcexit/tcstart, that are dependent on what (_tabs or _tab) and how many instances are open.


Jul 6, 2008
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