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TCCHere vs. CDD?

Using the TCCHere command
"d:\tc26\tcc.exe" *cdd "%V"
from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\TCC\command, I can start TCC in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\ (and I can read what's in there). However, I cannot otherwise enter that directory. Any ideas?

I can CD there. I CDD'ed to the WER directory. Then I did a DIR of ReportArchive. Then I CD'ed to ReportArchive.
I have UAC turned off. So I always run as Administrator. Not sure if that's related.
Explorer (context menu) can start TCC with the command line "*cdd C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\" and it works.

If Explorer starts TCC and I type that command it doesn't work. That's strange and I can't see what permissions have to do with it.

Another strange one: "Directory" and "Directory\Background" have the same shell\TCC\command ("d:\tc26\tcc.exe" *cdd "%V"). It's the "Directory" one that doesn't work (I misspoke earlier); if I'm in ...\WER and right-click on ReportArchive and choose TCCHere, it fails. But if I'm **IN** WER\ReportArchive" and right click on the background and choose TCCHere, it succeeds
Here's TCC's echoing its command line after I chose TCCHere from ...

(1) the background while in the ReportArchive directory, and
(2) the ReportArchive folder name while in the WER directory

I think I get it now. The background one succeeds because it's already in there (maybe TCC doesn't even try to CDD. Indeed! I just tested. When the Directory\Shell\TCC\command is executed (i.e., when Explorer is **in** the directory) it's executed with that directory as CWD (the "cdd ..." is not needed and maybe TCC ignores it). Apparently Explorer can **enter** that directory and TCC can't. I still don't understand fully.

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