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TCCLE and Windows XP

I've come across a particular Windows XP Pro SP3 installation where the latest version of TCCLE gives trouble. When I double-click the TCCLE icon I can see a console window starting and quickly closing. It's too quick to see if an error message is being shown. I can't find any trace of TCCLE having started or crashed. Thsi Windows XP looks otherwise normal and plain to me. TCCLE should work. Has anyone seen something like this before? Can you suggest troubleshooting strategies?
For a start I'm going to monitor the JPSoft registry keys and sift through JPSoft files in %USERPROFILE%. I have already reinstalled TCCLE and checked the traditional culprits, like TCSTART.btm, etc. TIA
I did, but there's no error message at all. It's as if tcc.exe was determined to start and exit immediately without doing anything. If in CMD I type tcc.exe /c ver /r I can briefly see the whole command string being appended to the title in the title bar then I get CMD's prompt back and no output from ver /r.
Steve, I tried several start combinations but none helped.
Then I downgraded from TCCLE 13.6.76 to 13.5.66 and the latter works just fine.
So between those two versions something was added to TCCLE that keeps it from starting on this PC.
I'm going to try downgrading TakeCommand (full product) on this PC until I can find a version that works. I'll post my findings on the other thread http://jpsoft.com/forums/threads/can-start-takecommand-15-01-on-windows-xp.4965

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