TCCManual.PDF and embedded fonts

Feb 23, 2012
I've been reading the TCC manual from the PDF, but I often find that the command-line examples are displayed in my PDF reader in an inaccurate and somewhat corrupted fashion. I believe that this is due to the fact that most of the fonts used within the TCCManual.PDF file have not been embedded within the file.
To be sure, a few fonts are embedded, such as ArialNarrow and LucidaConsole. However, most of the fonts - Arial, Consolas, CourierNew, etc. are not. I'm not sure which fonts specifically are unavailable on my machine (or perhaps the problem is that the versions of the fonts on my machine are not equivalent to the ones used to create the file).
In any case, one easy solution would be to simple reexport the PDF with embedding for all fonts, to guarantee that the PDF would display properly on all PDF readers. Would it be possible to do so, please?
Feb 23, 2012
The only fonts that aren't embedded in takecommand.pdf are:
Courier New
Times New Roman
Since all four are always preinstalled in Windows, there doesn't seem to be much point in (substantially) increasing the size of the pdf in order to provide fonts that everybody already has.
Windows isn't the only operating system used to view the PDF file. I copied the PDF to my iPhone, and used various on-the-go opportunities to read through the TCC command set. However, as noted, the text was sometimes corrupted.
Given that space is not at a premium (we're talking about no more than a megabyte, probably much less), I think it would be worth doing to ensure that the PDF shows correctly on all devices.