TCEdit the CLIPboard

While I have been using TCEDIT for making changes to the %_ininame and the %_tcstart files, and as a STDOUT editor (myfile.btm | TCEDIT) I just discovered that I can use TCEDIT to make changes to the clipboard;
tcedit clip:
Once I have made the changes to the clipboard, I do a Ctrl+A (select all) followed by a Ctrl+C (copy).
I then exit TCEDIT without saving, and use the CLIP: contents as needed.

While I have not tried this, TCEDIT can also be used to edit files on FTP and HTTP sites.

An alternate method of making changes to the clipboard;
type clip: | tcedit

Posting this for others who may not know this advantage of using TCEDIT.

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I don't understand. If I "TCEDIT clip:" I'm just editing a temp file. If I change it and save and "TYPE clip:" (or simply paste somewhere) I get the clipboard, unchanged.