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TCMD 17 corruption

TCMD gives me a error message every time I open a window.
Error on line 49 of C:\Users\Roedy\AppData\Local\JPSoft\TCMD.INI:
Invalid numeric value for "PopupWinTop"
The offending line is

I cannot edit with JEdit. I get a "cannot rename" on save. I tried reboot. I tried install repair. TCMD is dead in the water.

I was not doing any TCMD configuring. The only thing odd I did recently was examine my scheduled tasks.

I wonder if short of uninstall and scouring all files and reinstall is there a way to get this going again?

It would be nice if repair repaired this problem too.
Success. I tried editing with Notepad and making sure all TCC windows were closed. I still don't know how it got corrupted.

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