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TCMD 17 window border and mouse cursor

What's up with the TCMD 17 window border in recent builds? It seems to be "sticky".... when you move the mouse cursor over it, the cursor will slow down or snap back to the border. Very annoying.

Anyone else see this? I can reproduce the problem with the latest build on a few different machines (Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Server 2008 R2).
I see it too ... very strange ... it only happens when I move the pointer from inside TCMD to outside TCMD.
It's horrible. Can't stand it.

How long has it been there? For a while I was assuming it was a problem with my mouse.
I, too, have found it to be a huge annoyance. My TCMD window extends to just above the taskbar, and I often find that I cannot get the mouse to move to the task I want to select. I have to move the mouse far out of the TCMD window to the side and then move it to the taskbar.
It's a feature of the GUI framework (to make it easier to resize the window). It is not configurable.
Feature? I've never seen it before in plenty of years using Windows. TCMD v16 doesn't do it.
Not too surprising, since TCMD v16 uses an older version of the framework that doesn't have it. You've been using it in v17 since the alpha.
If that "framework" is from MS I'd expect to find a lot of complaints (and I can't). IIRC, TCMD used a 3rd party framework for that sort of thing. If I were you, I'd file a complaint. The behavior is dreadful.
Well, I guess I'm glad it's not just me as misery loves company. I support the request that this "feature" be disabled (or disable-able). I'm pretty shocked that a developer would force that upon its framework's users.

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