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TCMD 20 beta comment

I had a look at this beta (20.00.8) on Windows32 6.1.7601 (seven).

It supports regina.rexx but the help file does not mention it! I've tried ooRexx a number of times, and have various copies of it, but it isn't my cup of tea, i'm afraid.

I was thinking that on the Reference / Windows 64, one could link to something where the bit-version of tcc / windows could be found by batch.

I make use of a private 'shell:' folder, which means that I can have my own locations under this. It's handled in a cmd.exe style batch, which looks through the shell folders, and then hklm\software\wendy\folders. So i can cdf to my own list of directories as well as microsoft's set list, eg "cdf zsource" takes me to the zsource folder.

An implementation in tcc would be to create a "saved directories" folder in registery, and then change to these as well as the standard folders.

The actual script makes use of frank westlake's "conset" and something that answers to reg: (eg regmagik or Sysintern's regjump.). I've added other folders, like image, because i keep forgetting the addy.

@echo off
:: cd shell folder.
set zdir=
set zshf=Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders
if /i "%1"=="/m" goto :hklm
if /i "%1"=="/u" goto :hkcu
if /i "%1"=="/w" goto :hkwe
if /i "%1"=="/i" goto :image
set zcmd=chdir
set zhere=%*
if "%1"=="/o" set zcmd=open
if "%1"=="/o" set zhere=%zhere:~3%
conset /q /k zdir=HKLM\%zshf%\%zhere%
if not "%zdir%"=="" goto :doit
conset /q /k zdir=HKCU\%zshf%\%zhere%
if not "%zdir%"=="" goto :doit
conset /q /k zdir=HKLM\Software\Wendy\Folders\%zhere%
if not "%zdir%"=="" goto :doit
goto :end
shelexec reg:hklm\%zshf%
goto :end
shelexec reg:hkcu\%zshf%
goto :end
shelexec reg:hklm\software\wendy\folders
goto :end
set zdir=Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options
shelexec reg:hklm\software\%zdir%
goto :end

set zcxm=
if %zcmd%==chdir cd /d %zdir%
if %zcmd%==open shelexec %zdir%
set zdir=

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