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TCMD 20 on Windows 10 - always loosing its settings

I'm using TCMD 20.11.38 (x64) on a Windows 10 (Version 6.3.14393) machine. My "normal" user account does not have any admin permissions, but I do also have an admin account.

What I'm seeing now is this:
  • each time I fire up my computer, TC 20 starts up (there's a link in the "Startup" folder of my Windows system)

  • but each time, TCMD has lost the information about its position, and about the style/colors to use for its screen
So this means, after every reboot of my system, I have to *manually* set the "Style" back to "Windows 7", and I need to set the position and size of the TCMD window. This gets a bit old and annoying after a while...

I was wondering if there's any way I can SET those settings (in TCMD itself, or in the registry) so that TCMD reads and uses those settings after the next reboot.

Do I need to log in as my admin account and set up the settings I'd like to have? Is my "normal" account going to be able to read those settings, and is TCMD going to honor those settings made by the admin user?

Or do I need to log in as admin account and set those settings in the context of my "normal" user somehow (in the registry, or some other way)?
TCMD writes its position settings to the Windows Registry, specifically at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JP Software\Take Command 20.0 x64". Your system either has a Windows Policy or a third-party app that is blocking write access to that registry key for "normal" users.

You can start TCMD with the "run as administrator" option to write the settings the way you want. They will then be available to your subsequent normal user sessions.

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