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TCMD 25 - Unregister older TCMD version

I saw that TCMD 25 allows you to view your license information and unregister specific computers.

Since I will be getting the work laptop refreshed I thought to unregister the old one for TCMD20 to save a license.

Is that supposed to work?

I can enter the TCMD20 license key in the TCMD25 license dialog and view the TCMD20 licences; currently my home computer and old and new work laptops. So far, so good.

I can also enter the TCMD20 license in the dialog and press Unregister. I then get a popup that says "Removed registration key file for "<old computer name>". A web page is also opened that shows the activation key and the computer name with a Deactivate button.

But when I press the Deactivate button I get this message: "The license NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN was not activated on your computer. " Subsequently viewing the license info for the TCMD20 key also shows all three computers still being licensed.

All of this is being run using the newest TCMD25 on the old laptop, the one to be unregistered. Am I doing something wrong or missing some steps?
I would be surprised if the new deactivation mechanism worked for older versions, but then I was also surprised to see that it displayed the license information for versions going back to 12.10 (although in my case a couple of the results look a little shonky - with my gaming rig having been activated for both v14 and v16 at subtly different points around about the time today that I started playing with this - but the rest all look pretty much spot on).

FWIW Rex has stated on these forums that you need to contact JPsoft to get adjustments made to the old license activations.

Edit: for shigs I tried to deactivate my gaming rig for v20 (since it has been upgraded to v25) and was told that the process had been successful. Displaying the current activations afresh shows the gaming rig still on the list, but with an activation date and time of when I deactivated it. Results for other than v25 might be unpredictable, methinks :)
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