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How to? tcmd.exe start up

Hello -- is there a exit point or ini option that I get get control after tcmd.exe starts and before it opens a console window, ie tcc?
Can you be more specific about what you're trying to do?
Hello --

Yes -- I use the rexx support in tcmd/tcc -- in this case when rexx is turned on it first searches for the
open object rexx dll, if found it uses it otherwise it then searches for the regina (rexx) dll -- What I want to
do is when tcmd start, alter the "PATH" to remove OO Rexx dir so when tcc start is uses the regina dll

You can start TCMD without starting any TCC windows, but there's no way in TCMD to modify its environment.

You could create a shortcut kludge that starts TCC, removes the OOREXX path, and then starts TCMD.

Thanks for the info ...

Would an alternate approach be in the tcstart command (my guess is that by the time that this is started, the rexx dll has been loaded) add back into the PATH env var the open object rexx path ans recreate the PATH var with

set /v

Would that make the modified path global?
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