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TCMD ... remember View settings?

I'm pretty sure it used to remember the view settings (File Explorer, Status bar, ...). Today it's not remembering them.
Are you talking about the VIEW menu options in Take Comamnd? They're all working as expected here.
Yes. I check "File Explorer" on the "View" menu ... the File Explorer shows ... close TCMD ... restart TCMD ... no File Explorer. It's the same with the status bar or command input.
Not reproducible here.

And showing the Explorer window, the status bar, and the command input window is the default -- are you saying you don't get any of them, regardless of whether they're enabled? (Note that the Explorer window and the command input window also default to autohide, so you'll only see a tab for them unless you've pinned them.)
I can get them manually (View menu). They're not set to auto-hide. But I can't get them at startup.
The behavior is the same on my computer at work. Things checked on the View menu are not remembered.
Same behaviour here: if I deactivate the status line for ex., after next TCMD start the status line appears again.

PS: 19.10.45 x64 on Win 10 x64
My problem is that both the "View -> Command Input" and "View -> File Explorer" will not stay unchecked. Every time a new session is started, both tabs are displayed. The TCMD.INI says they are off, but that is not the case.
19.10.45 x64 Windows 7 6.1.7601

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