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Just upgraded TCMD20 to TCMD21. While registering
there was a place for the "Key", but not for the

When executing TCMD20 the first five lines would be:

1. TCMD and Windows versions
2. TCMD copyright
3. "Registered to ..."
5. Prompt line "Address of current folder"

When executing TCMD21 the first five lines are
blank lines with none of the above.

When hitting the Enter key I get line 5. above.

Does any of this make sense?
TCMD hasn't required a "name" entry for registration for a couple of versions. (The name never actually was used for anything, it was just there to make users happy seeing their name at startup. But it caused a lot of confusion for resellers and corporate buyers who would put their name in the order form and not enter a company name -- and then get back a registration email with no company.)

For the second issue, try editing your TCMD.INI and add these lines (or change them if they're already there) in the [TakeCommand] section:


There are a few old video drivers out there that don't handle the offsets well. In all cases thus far, it has been resolved when updating the driver and/or BIOS.