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WAD TCMDx64 Download is corrupt



Have tried twice to download the tcmdx64.exe from the WEB link. Both times when running the downloaded file it shows corrupt.
Would it be possible to prevent downloading a partially uploaded file? One possibility that comes to mind is to use another name during upload, e.g., tcmd.exe.part - as is done by one download utility (can't remember which). Another is to hide it, possibly by putting it into a temporary directory, until the upload is verified.
It's not corrupt, I am uploading a new build. I will make an announcement when it is ready.
Perhaps you should offer a MD5 file for each download, as it is custom for many download-sites.
There already is an MD5 for tcmdx64.exe in the tcmdx64update.aiu file.
Isn't that the file that we're not supposed to pay attention to because it is only used by the update checker and its use and contents could change at any time without notice?
I think Rex is saying that the MD5 value is already checked as part of the built in updater. I was getting a "corrupt" message when trying to update before it even attempted an install. I'm assuming the built MD5 check triggered this.


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