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Documentation TCTOOLBAR

The help for TCTOOLBAR doesn't mention the new "Tooltip" feature.


Purpose: Change the Take Command tool bar buttons

Format: TCTOOLBAR [/C /I /R filename /U /W filename] tab button, flags, icon, label, title, directory, command

tab The label of the toolbar tab
button The button number (1 - 50)
flags 0=Start new tab, 1=Send to current tab, 2=Change Folders directory
icon Icon to display on button
label The button label
title The tab title (when starting new tabs)
directory The startup or Folders directory
command The command to execute or keystrokes to send

/C(lear) /U(pdate)
/I (reset toolbar) /W (save to file)
/R(ead file)
The problem comes is in the /R option of TCTOOLBAR.

/R Load the toolbar button definitions from the specified file. /R will not clear an existing toolbar; you must use /C for that. The file should be in the same format as the [Toolbarn] section in TCMD.INI:

n - the button number (1 - 50)
flags - 256=start new tab (or new window if a GUI app), 257=send keystrokes to current tab, 258=Change Folders directory
icon - the icon to display on the label (leave empty for no icon)
label - the label to display on the button
title - the tab title (if starting a new tab)
directory - startup directory or Folders directory
command - the command to execute