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News Thread Prefixes


Staff member
If you're creating a new thread or viewing a forum, you'll notice a new feature called Thread Prefixes.

A thread prefix is an optional tag displayed before the thread title to help categorize the post. For example, you can now set the thread prefix to "Bug" or "How to?", and moderators can (re)set the prefix to "Fixed" or "WAD".

We'll be adding some more prefixes soon; if you have any requests please let us know.
How do we go about changing a thread prefix? (I seem to remember a "Thread Tools" link, but I can't find it any more; permissions change?)

Should there be a "WAD" tag available?
Only administrators & moderators can change the prefix of an existing thread. There is a "Thread Tools" link on the upper right side of the thread header that is visible if you have admin or moderator privileges.

There already is a WAD tag (only available to administrators & moderators).
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