TITLE broken in v28?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
All my TCCs (24~28) have UpdateTitles=No and they use the same TITLEPROMPT. In v24~v27, this changes the title for 15 seconds. In v28 it does nothing.

title foo & delay 15
I have "UpdateTitle=No" (note "...Title" NOT "...Titles") for TCMD and "UpdateTitle=Yes" for TCC. In both works your example here in v28 (Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 [19044.1415] [21H2] [de-CH] TCC 28.02.18 x64).
Yes, it's "UpdateTitle"; I just typed it wrong.

This is really weird ... it's the INI file ... but it's NOT the INI file!!!

If I start v28 with "/ii" (no INI file, the test works (the title is changed for 15 seconds).

If I start v28 with ANY INI file ("@d:\tc2*\tcmd.exe") the test fails (the title is not changed) ... whereas, the test succeeds (title changes) with any of TCC24~TCC27.

It's time for an exhaustive search for the offending directive.
It's UpdateTitle=No. Here's v28



And here's v27.



So v28 handles UpdateTitle=No differently from previous versions. In particular, it seems, in v28, UpdateTitle=No prevents the TITLE command changing the title.

I prefer the old behavior.
Here the behaviour is different (v28, TCC):

Regardless if UpdateTitle is=Yes/No it changes the title and remains.

The only difference here is that with "Yes" it displays the "& delay xx" test for the defined time which doesn't happens with "No" ...
I made a little video about this ...

Link removed ...

PS: Note especially after about 56 sec the command which appears in title too ...

EDIT: Video no more available ...
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The command is supposed to appear after the title when you have UpdateTitle=Yes.

Try it with TITLEPROMPT set to something.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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