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Toolbar Problem with Reloading from INI

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jay Sage, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Jay Sage

    Jun 2, 2008
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    With build 33 of TCMD11 I'm still having a problem with the toolbar when
    I use "Reload from .INI". Typically, several buttons at the beginning
    (left) of the toolbar are missing their labels. Mousing over them shows
    the contents (and I assume they work, though I forgot to try). To fix
    things, I have to exit from TCMD and relaunch it.

    One other detail about what I've been doing my be of significance. I
    have been adding buttons at the end of the toolbar (since I can't create
    them anywhere else). Then I'm doing "Save to .INI", opening the INI file
    in my editor, moving the button definitions (and renumbering them),
    saving the new INI file, and then doing "Reload from .INI". Obviously,
    I'm trying to avoid the nuisance of closing TCMD, then editing the INI
    file, and then relaunching TCMD.

    -- Jay

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