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TPIPE examples?

TCC 14.02.44 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Are there any examples of TPIPE usage?

First attempts at using TPIPE are not the time and labor-saving experience I expected...
From the Help for TPIPE:

>tpipe /input=AssemblyInfo.cs /output=AssemblyInfo2.cs /string=4,AssemblyVersion
TPIPE: The parameter is incorrect.

>tpipe /input=AssemblyInfo.cs /output=AssemblyInfo2.cs /string=4,"AssemblyVersion"
TPIPE: The parameter is incorrect.
Some progress:
tpipe /input=AssemblyInfo.cs /string=4,0,"AssemblyVersion"

Produces output to stdout.
If folks were to post some useful TPIPE examples, perhaps Rex would consider adding them to the help file.

Would it make sense to give TPIPE its own forum under T&T ?
I often use TPIPE to batch-convert a folder of text files from ASCII/ANSI to UTF-8, like so:

for /O:n %x in (*.txt) tpipe /input=%x /output=Converted_%x /unicode=ansi,UTF-8

(The /O:n option is necessary to avoid reprocessing the output files).

I agree with the other posters here that it would be great to have a post (or even forum) with a collection of real-world use cases and examples with TPIPE.

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