TPIPE examples?

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Jul 13, 2009
TCC 14.02.44 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Are there any examples of TPIPE usage?

First attempts at using TPIPE are not the time and labor-saving experience I expected...
From the Help for TPIPE:

>tpipe /input=AssemblyInfo.cs /output=AssemblyInfo2.cs /string=4,AssemblyVersion
TPIPE: The parameter is incorrect.

>tpipe /input=AssemblyInfo.cs /output=AssemblyInfo2.cs /string=4,"AssemblyVersion"
TPIPE: The parameter is incorrect.
Feb 23, 2012
I often use TPIPE to batch-convert a folder of text files from ASCII/ANSI to UTF-8, like so:

for /O:n %x in (*.txt) tpipe /input=%x /output=Converted_%x /unicode=ansi,UTF-8

(The /O:n option is necessary to avoid reprocessing the output files).

I agree with the other posters here that it would be great to have a post (or even forum) with a collection of real-world use cases and examples with TPIPE.