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WAD tpipe /simple=28

I have exported my gmail address book to a CSV file and trying to extract the email addresses. This is the header information for the file:

First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Title,Suffix,Initials,Web Page,Gender,Birthday,Anniversary,Location,Language,Internet Free Busy,Notes,E-mail Address,E-mail 2 Address,E-mail 3 Address,Primary Phone,Home Phone,Home Phone 2,Mobile Phone,Pager,Home Fax,Home Address,Home Street,Home Street 2,Home Street 3,Home Address PO Box,Home City,Home State,Home Postal Code,Home Country,Spouse,Children,Manager's Name,Assistant's Name,Referred By,Company Main Phone,Business Phone,Business Phone 2,Business Fax,Assistant's Phone,Company,Job Title,Department,Office Location,Organizational ID Number,Profession,Account,Business Address,Business Street,Business Street 2,Business Street 3,Business Address PO Box,Business City,Business State,Business Postal Code,Business Country,Other Phone,Other Fax,Other Address,Other Street,Other Street 2,Other Street 3,Other Address PO Box,Other City,Other State,Other Postal Code,Other Country,Callback,Car Phone,ISDN,Radio Phone,TTY/TDD Phone,Telex,User 1,User 2,User 3,User 4,Keywords,Mileage,Hobby,Billing Information,Directory Server,Sensitivity,Priority,Private,Categories

This is the data line that tpipe gives an incorrect address:

Alison,,P,,,,,,,,,,,,[email protected],,,,,,1112223333,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Normal,,My Contacts,

and the result tpipe gives is:

Alison,,P,,,,,,,,,,,,[email protected]
Agreed, it's a bug. It works correctly if the comma-separated values are quoted (common, but not necessary). Elsewhere (see /simple=50) TPIPE can handle CSV data "quoted or unquoted".
P.S., Commas are allowed in email addresses, but then only in the local part AND only in a quoted string.

I recall an earlier discussion where the rules for email addresses was menioned - with a HTML link. Do you recall what it was?

I also did /simple=50 then /simple=28 and it's still not working correctly.....
I am attaching the contacts.csv ZIPed, and still have the orginal problem -

I tried both
tpipe /input=contacts.csv /simple=56 /simple=28 /outputappend=1 /output=outfile2.txt
tpipe /input=contacts.csv /simple=50 /simple=28 /outputappend=1 /output=outfile1.txt

and makes no difference...


  • contacts.zip
    13.2 KB · Views: 236
That csv file is screwed up. Nothing works beyond this line ...
FullContact,,Support,,,,,,,,,,,,[email protected],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,FullContact,,,,,,,"Denver, CO
... which has an opening quote and no closing quote.
Remove that double-quote and it's OK here.
Thank you Vince. I guess I need to contact Google contact support.

I guess it would be the same difference if I removed the double quote or added one at the EOL....???
Not at EOL, but rather at the end of that particular field ... eh?

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