Bug TPIPE's pdf to text conversions don't work

Apr 18, 2014
TCC (x64) Version 27.01 Build 23 [27.01.23]
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (21H1) [10.0.19043.985]

According to the help, Tpipe's "simple=76" filter will convert a pdf file to a text file. I've tried it with several pdf files but the output is always a zero byte file.

d:\temp>dir /km test*
14/05/2021  16:30         754,835  test.pdf

d:\temp>tpipe /input=test.pdf /output=test.txt /simple=76

d:\temp>dir /km test*
14/05/2021  16:30         754,835  test.pdf
22/05/2021  22:16               0  test.txt
     _x64: 1
   _admin: 1
_elevated: 1

TCC  27.01.23 x64   Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19042.985]

I can confirm that issue. I created a PDF from a simple MS Word document for testing.

e:\utils>tpipe /input=stuff.pdf /simple=76 /output=stuff.out

e:\utils>dir stuff.out

 Volume in drive E is New Volume   Serial number is 2c1e:6e61
 Directory of  E:\Utils\stuff.out

2021-05-23   8:37               0  stuff.out

This used to work, but not now.

FWIW Data Mystic has a Facebook (ptui) page DataMystic. It doesn't have a lot of traffic but there was post by Data Mystic on April 20 to announce the release of TextPipe Pro 11.8.

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