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Documentation truename -> subst

Hello --- this is not take specific, but does anyone know what win/api call is use to get the subst mapping of a drive letter the
way that tcc's command truename gets that info? Thanks
thx -- yes this call works if the subst is set on a local drive --- but if the subst is on a mapped network drive is fails

The TRUENAME command is calling an internal Take Command function, QueryTrueName(). Rex doesn't publish his source code, but it's clear that QueryTrueName() does a lot of stuff: resolving SUBST and network drives and drive aliases; canonicalizing dot entries like "." and ".." including extended versions like "..." which Windows doesn't support; junctions and symlinks; and probably some other stuff that I don't remember off the top of my head. It is not a trivial function.
Speaking of Rex not publishing his source code - years / decades ago wasn't there rumors that the source for copy <source> [to] <target> was available somwhere?