Twinkle, twinkle ...

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
If you're really bored ...

@echo off
:: turn the cursor off
echos ^e[?25l
on break quit
do forever
    set r=%@random[0,%@dec[%_rows]]
    set c=%@random[0,%@dec[%_columns]]
    :: @char[183] is a dot;
    if %@eval[%@random[0,14] mod 15] == 0 ( screen %r %c ^e[%@random[31,37];1m%@char[183] ) else ( screen %r %c ^s )
    delay /m 1

It needs ANSI (Windows 10 enhanced console).

It takes a while for the sky to fill (about 1/15 of the character cells).

It probably won't look very good if your backgreoun isn't black.

I'm in a console but it also seems to work in TCMD.

The twinkling looks better if it's faster. 1ms is OK but "delay /m 1" actually gives a random delay of between 1ms and 1 clock tick (about 16ms here). It's better if I remove the delay (or make it 0ms) but that makes my computer's fan come on. :confused:


Reminds me of the screensaver btms I did some 20 yars ago.

Have a look at <4DOS.INFO - Klaus Meinhard's Homepage: 4XBTM Index>, all the btms with names starting xbl<number>. One of them even made it into the official distribution of 4DOS.

Another recent thread about setting the prompt reminds me of XSP.BTM, which today would need some actualisations.

Keep playing!