Two hard to reproduce errors

May 20, 2008
Sammamish, WA
I'm having two errors that are hard to reproduce reliably. May be
someone else can.

Sometimes the dir color for DIRS of bright white is ignored. It
happens very rarely and other colors are ok. I have a hunch that it is
a driver issue and not tcc.

In v10 my standard build batch file repeatedly launches a compiled
perl script which repeatedly launches cmd with the compiler. It often
fails one of the launches during the build. I have not seen this in

I wish I could give a better error report. I know full well how
useless the report I'd by itself; I'm hoping someone else can provide
enough information to make it worthwhile.

I have a vague memory of similar batch file issues early in v9. Can
anyone dig up what may have been addresssed there?

Jim Cook
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