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Ubuntu and Wine

I realize that TCC and TCMD are only supported on Windows, but I just want to ask in case someone else has found a solution.

Using wubi, I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my system, allowing me to boot either into Windows XP, or Ubuntu 9.10.

Using Wine, I can successfully launch and use 4NT8 in Ubuntu. However, it does display the message "Your evaluation period expires in 29 days".

I cannot, however, use TC 11.

When I start TCC.EXE v11, it comes up with a terminal window, with a flashing cursor, and nothing else. That is, no prompt, etc.

When I start TCMD.EXE v11, it comes up with "This trial version of Take Command has expired! You can order a registered copy on our web site...".

I have the TakeCommand11.key in my folder where the .EXEs are.

Note that Ubuntu allows access to my Windows XP folders, via Host/Program Files/JPSoft/TCMD11, which is where I am attempting to launch the EXEs.

Wine allows much configuration, such as which Windows Version to mimic, DLL Overrides, etc. I am using Wine 1.1.31, mimicing Windows XP.

Again, I realize that that TCC and TCMD are only supported on Windows, but I just want to ask in case someone else has found a solution.

After upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04, and the latest Wine, I gave 4NT8 another go.

It works!

I did try to get TCC 11 working, but no go. Same problems as I mentioned before.

The Help file is not viewable from 4NT8, but I have problems with the PowerBASIC help files also, which I solved by using the kchmviewer.

I was also able to successfully register, eliminating the evaluation message, in 4NT8.

Regardless of what changes that I make in the Windows tab of the Option command, I am limited to an 80 x 25 screen. Though I can use the mouse to make the window bigger, still the same 80 x 25 screen.

I also cannot start 4NT8 from any menu. I have to open the Ubuntu File Browser, move to the /home/jlc/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/JPSoft/4NT8 folder, and double-click the 4nt.exe file to launch the program.

Still, I'm able to use my .btm files, and plugins, which is all I really need at this time.

Hope that this helps others who have also made the move to Linux, but still want to use 4NT.

After reading http://www.winehq.org/site/docs/wineusr-guide/cui-programs I found out how to expand the 4NT8 window beyond 80 x 25.

Once 4NT8 is running, right-click anywhere in the window, and choose Properties.

From the configuration tab, change your Buffer Zone and Window Size as desired, then click OK.

I have my Buffer Zone Height as 200, and my Window Size Height as 60.

Retain these settings for later sessions, and then click OK.