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How to? Unable to install TCMD 21 under Win2012R2

Today I tried several times to install tcmd 21 under Win7 or Win2012R2. Antivirus was disabled and direct internet access was granted. The server has been rebooted prior to the installation. After unpacking the files the installation stopped while displaying "wait until the installer prepares for installation" (rough translation of the german text) or did not get even so far. Trying older Versions: tcmd 17 and 18 could be installed without any problem. Tcmd 19 had the same problem as 21. What is going wrong ? What are the complete prerequisites for a successfull installation ?
Tried again: if I am using the tcmd.exe file a windows pops up for a short time saying that the files necessary for the installation will be unpacked. After that nothing happens (job seems to get stuck). I had to kill the tcmd.exe process in task manager.
If I am using the tcmdx64.msi file the installer pops up (see attached picture) but also gets stuck. I will have to wait forever or kill the installer process in task manager. I putted some of the installer logs in the attached zip file.


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The installer is hanging in the AI_DetectSoftware call. I have forwarded your logs on to the installer developers, and I will let you know what they come up with.

How long did you wait for the installer to continue? I've seen one or two cases where Windows would hang (on an internal Windows Installer call) at that stage for a minute or two, though not longer than that. Is there any disk activity at that point?
This is what I got back from the installer developers:


Unfortunately we can't replicate the behavior either, we tried with both EXE and MSI.

From the log, this behavior seems to be related to your software's prerequisites, however I am not sure because the log has an abrupt ending. This may very well be related to something blocking the installer on that particular machine.

You could also look with Event Viewer to see if Windows logged anything significant.

To quicly open Event Viewer try:

• Windows key + R

• type in "eventvwr" then Enter

Look in the Setup and Application sections.

Also try testing on a clean machine with a similar configuration/architecture as your client's. If your attempt is successful, you can rule out anything to be wrong with the installer itself.

Another thing that came to mind: your client can try to install any required prerequisites before running the main installation. If there are any prerequisites already installed on that machine, have him re-install them and then try the setup again.


The TCMD installer does not have any prerequisites. The only thing it's doing before performing the installation is looking to see if Everything Search is running, and if so the installer stops it so it can install the new version. Do you have Everything Search installed? If so, try stopping that manually before running the installer and see if it changes the behavior.

Are you doing an upgrade of an existing TCMD installation, or doing a new install?

Rex Conn
JP Software

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